Client projects: Movägen nursing home

Project facts

Karlskrona Municipality


5,600 square metres


Number of residents:

Number of employees:

Hermansson Hiller Lundberg Arkitekter AB

A place to call home

For the newly built Movägen nursing home, the focus was on creating a modern residence for the future that feels like home. Together with the unit manager and a team of different professions in the elderly care department, Kinnarps designed interiors that give a homely, gentle feel, without compromising on comfort or functionality. The entire environment has been designed to facilitate the independence and security of residents. The result is harmonious living with a high level of flexibility that can be customised to the individual, and a timeless design that lasts over time in terms of both expression and quality.


The homely environment at the wood-burning stove is enhanced by the Dahlia easy chair from NC Nordic Care, which is both inviting and adapted to make it easy to get in and out of. The easy chair has smart functions such as removable upholstery and a sanitary gap between the seat and back, making it easier to keep it clean.


The height-adjustable table Nivå from NC Nordic Care can easily be adjusted by a crank, welcoming all residents to the dining area.


Björn from NC Nordic Care is a stable armchair with an expressive design. The chair is suspendable and easy to move and hang up while nonetheless maintaining its stability.

Our challenge was to find the right interior design to create as modern and homely a nursing home as possible for residents, staff and relatives. Our collaboration with Kinnarps was rewarding. They were able to help us choose the right furniture and colour scheme. We are very satisfied!

Paola Dahlström, Unit Manager, Movägen Nursing Home

Functional easy chairs provide freedom

To promote the independence of residents, each unit has functional easy chairs with adjustable neck cushions, foldable ends and adjustable seats. Not only is the chair comfortable, but it allows residents to easily be moved between different areas.

Colours for familiarity

Each of the two floors on Movägen has its own colour theme. Having the same harmonious colour in each unit helps residents recognise and feel more at home in the environment. It also contributes to flexibility as the units can borrow furniture from each other. 

Space for socialising

A gathering of many, or a moment on one's own. Movägen has a number of different spaces and furnishings that welcome large get-togethers or more private meetings.

I’m really proud of Movägen, which is truly a home of the future with modern furniture that has a long service life. The feedback I've received on the interior design from tenants, staff and relatives has been positive.

Paola Dahlström, Unit Manager, Movägen Nursing Home

At Movägen’s nursing home, a modern future residence with a homely and inviting environment has been created. The stable, functional furniture enables residents to be independent and the flexibility of furnishings invites social meetings. In short – a place to call home.


  • Harmonious, uniform colours
    A safe environment with a homely feel
    Functional furniture with high comfort
    Adaptable and inclusive environment
    Functional furniture for greater independence