In collaboration with architects and designers 

We invited a number of the industry's leading architects, interior designers and designers to a series of workshops at Kinnarps. The task was to help us in selecting new colours and materials for Kinnarps Colour Studio. The idea was as simple as it was obvious: let the people who are going to use our products take part in deciding what they should look like.  

Kinnarps Colour Studio

Our inspiring Kinnarps Colour Studio range gives you everything you could wish for in the way of creative and attractive materials (fabric, leather, laminate, veneer, metal, acrylics, plastic and glass). This sustainable collection with a wide choice of colours and patterns combines classic elegance with the latest trends. Everything you need to find the look that suits your environment.

Christina Wiklund, CMF Manager – Colour Material Finish, Kinnarps

"We've done this together. Properly. Honestly. And with great pleasure."

There was a focused concluding atmosphere when architects, interior designers, designers and representatives from eight of Kinnarps' markets gathered in Kinnarps' design centre in Skillingaryd. It was now time for the conclusion of a series of workshops on materials and colours which had been held during the year. The final choices were to be made, and decisions taken concerning which new fabrics are to be launched in Kinnarps Colour Studio.

Listen to the architects    

But let's begin at the beginning. In Kinnarps Colour Studio there are a hundred materials and colours that help architects and interior designers to produce creative, attractive and sustainable solutions. The starting point is the insight that colours affect our behaviour and our feelings, along with the requirement for the sustainability, quality and safety of the materials. The Kinnarps collection is updated every three years.


Krook & Tjäder
Semrén & Månsson
Howl Designstudio
Fixa & Dona - Hildur Blad
Stefan Brodbeck Design
Materia Group

"We always work cross-functionally with our design, production and marketing departments to get a good holistic picture. This time we also decided to bring in external architects, interior designers and designers early on in the process, so that we could listen to their wishes concerning colours and materials"

Christina Wiklund, CMF Manager – Colour Material Finish, Kinnarps

It's better together

The idea was to invite people with experience of both large and small projects, to get more perspectives on what is required to create attractive working environments. The backdrop is also the trend that interior design is an increasingly important factor for companies' and organisations' identity and brand, not least for attracting a younger generation. 

 "We see that the demand for architects, interior designers and designers is on the increase in all our markets, and this makes it even more important for us to cooperate with them. We want to understand their needs so that we can offer them what they need to do a good job," says Christina.

 It seems that this interest in cooperation is mutual, because there was an immediate positive response. And this feeling simply intensified with every workshop we carried out. The participants worked, discussed, reflected and worked again, with growing enthusiasm and motivation.

 "There was a huge amount of energy, generosity and openness throughout the entire process, and it was clear that participants thought it was both important and fun. Just like us at Kinnarps. We all benefit from cooperating and arriving at the best solutions together," Christina says. 

From 200 to 9

For the first workshop last spring, Christina had 200 chairs upholstered in different fabrics, from which the invited architects, designers, interior designers and salespeople had to choose. The number of chairs then gradually decreased with each workshop.


"We have a unique cutting edge and breadth in our range. This way of working enables us to continue to build on our conviction of how important it is to listen to the market and seize on current trends, at the same time as remaining connected to our own design history. We've done this together. Properly. Honestly. And with great pleasure."

Christina Wiklund

Those invited to the finale in Skillingaryd were architects from the Tengbom, Wingårdhs, Krok & Tjäder, Semrén & Månsson, Spectrum, Note and White offices, designers from Howl Designstudio, Idesign, Propeller and Brodbeck Design, and the interior designer and blogger Hildur Blad.

 "Of the original 200 chairs, 30 were left, all upholstered in different fabrics. They were presented in the style of a fashion show before it was time to make the final choices. In the end, we decided on nine fabrics, which have now taken their place in the Kinnarps Colour Studio. But I can also reveal that we will continue to update our range with new colours, materials and types of wood during the year," says Christina.

Cutting edge and breadth

She is equally delighted with all nine fabrics, but would nevertheless like to highlight three in particular: Liv, which looks like classic linen but is actually a very functional fabric woven in Trevira CS; Fox, which has a trendy herringbone pattern inspired by art deco; and Steelcut Trio, because it has been so popular among architects for many years. 

Three trendy fabrics



Textiles with a natural look are big, both in interior design and in fashion. We are now launching Liv, which looks like classic linen but is a hardwearing, washable fabric woven in Trevira CS. A linen feeling with functionality.


A flirt with art deco

Now we can see herringbone patterns everywhere, from wallpaper to clothing. Our trendy new fabric Fox is inspired by art déco and the 1920s in France. A bit of luxury and elegance that works in all environments.

Steelcut Trio

A natural favourite

Maybe it's because of all the natural advantages wool has. Maybe because it's so easy to match with other fabrics. Or the wide range of applications. Whatever the reason, Steelcut Trio is a clear favourite.

Nine new ones, lots of opportunities.

Step Melange

Durable and easy to match

A good choice when the product has to cope with tough environments. Dirt-resistant, washable and flameproof. The colours are a mixture of nature's own bright tones.


Washable, in many colours

Multicoloured in a modern retro design, with a nice colour scale and melange structure. Dirt-resistant, washable and flameproof.


Modern and trendy 

Beautiful, warm range of colours. Produced with recycled wool in an environmentally friendly production process, with particular attention to water recycling.


Washable, with linen finish

Looks like classic linen, but is woven in dirt-resistant, washable, flameproof Trevira CS. Wide colour scale with natural shades.


Classic vintage 

Multicoloured in a modern retro design, with a nice colour scale and melange structure. Dirt-resistant, washable and flameproof. 


Trendy herringbone pattern

Exclusive, trendy design with classic herringbone pattern and pleasing colour scale. Woven in dirt-resistant, washable, flameproof Trevira CS.



A classic with a sober colour scale. Plus all of wool's fine qualities – antistatic, moisture-absorbent and naturally flameproof.



An inspiring wool fabric with a characteristic design and a wide colour scale. Ecologically dyed, with all of wool's fine qualities – antistatic, moisture-absorbent and naturally flameproof.


The architects' favourite

Steelcut and Steelcut Trio in a classic design and colour scale. Available in both single-coloured and melange finish and, as a result, works well for mixing and matching.


Christina Wiklund

"All practical experience and lots of research show that colours affect our feelings and behaviour. Colours and patterns are important for the well-being and identity of both people and organisations. This is deeply rooted in Kinnarps' culture, and goes all the way back to our founder Evy Andersson. She was trained in textiles and had a fantastic feel for shape, colour and material. With Kinnarps Colour Studio, we are connecting with Evy's legacy and updating it for our own time."

Christina Wiklund, CMF Manager – Colour Material Finish, Kinnarps

Christina Calisir

"It's always the totality that determines which fabrics we decide to launch in Kinnarps Colour Studio. They should of course have the right colours and patterns, but also fulfil our requirements for sustainability, quality and safety. I always say that we should think of things our customers perhaps don't always think of, so that they can feel sure that our textiles are always a safe choice – in terms of both aesthetics, function , environment and social responsibility."

Christina Calisir, Technical Manager Cover Materials, Kinnarps

Olle Gyllang

"Of course as a designer, I want to be included early in the process so I can make an impact. Kinnarps' initiative is therefore important, because it shows that they are serious about being open and listening to new ideas, thoughts and wishes. I think this is one of several good activities that Kinnarps is doing, their clear willingness to collaborate creates trust and strengthens their position." 

Olle Gyllang, Designer, Propeller Design

Hildur Blad

"The colours make a major impact on how we experience interior design. Now, as many are daring to leave white behind, it is, of course, even more important to have both a planned strategy and an updated range in order to be able to design with colour. This new way of collaborating with architects and designers strengthens Kinnarps' position even more. Our meetings have been both creative and fun and everyone really gave some of themselves."

Hildur Blad, Interior designer, colour expert and blogger

Kinnarps launchES white pigmented ash

Ash is both a trendy and a traditional type of wood, which is now being launched with a white pigmented surface in Kinnarps Colours Studio, where all the materials that Kinnarps uses are collected. As a material, ash is tough and strong and has traditionally been used in work implements. The ash that Kinnarps uses is FSC® labelled and comes from forests managed responsibly.


Ash – trendy and traditional

"It is an incredibly beautiful type of wood, with an attractive surface and a very pleasant colour, which is great to work with as a producer and to surround yourself with as a user".

Ove Claesson, Technical Manager Wood Materials.

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