Design with a purpose

How we create more than just furniture

The Kinnarps design philosophy has been deeply rooted in our DNA since the company started in 1942. We develop furniture and interior design solutions that make a positive difference to people’s lives. At the heart of this philosophy lies a seamless interplay of aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics and sustainability. There’s always a conscious direction, something greater at stake, with everything flowing from the user’s needs and dreams. Creating design with a purpose continues to be our main driving force – for you and for future generations.

80 years of innovative design

The sweet spot arises where 80 years of experience and expertise are woven together with curiosity and visionary thinking. The result is something timeless, honest and carefully considered down to the smallest detail, from how a piece of furniture is made and looks to how and where it’s used. We understand human needs and the most suitable materials, as well as how to create total ergonomics. In short, our furniture and solutions support well-being and success. Above all, our design philosophy enables people to thrive and reach their full potential.

"Our furniture is designed to last, both visually and functionally – that is what we call timeless design."

Jenny Hörberg, Global Range and Design Director

Design that is
there for you

A beautiful piece of furniture should be easy on the eye, but its beauty also lies in its functionality and intuitive features. While at first glance you’re struck by how attractive it is, the very next second you realise how the interior design is there to make life easier for you. How it promises to evolve, change and grow with you to continuously meet your needs. It’s easy to understand, practical, ergonomic and supportive. And meanwhile it’s inviting, welcoming, and makes different activities possible with the help of its features, design and placement.

When you carefully consider everything down to the smallest detail and never compromise on the choice of materials, quality and functionality, the whole will always be greater than the sum of its parts. That’s why the details are so important to us. In many cases, our details are patented to make using our furniture more convenient and more sustainable in the long term. Some details are invisible, others are standout features. On our journey from concept to finished product, we get help from customers, users, architects and other experts to create something that meets genuine needs and adds value to everyday life.

Design that
enhances the whole

that includes

Good design is the essence of all the positive qualities people associate with Kinnarps’ furniture. Everything starts with the user. A strong user focus leads to higher accessibility. This in turn results in better inclusion. The more users who feel included, the greater the benefit for both the individual and the organisation. Our design is also honest. That means that we frequently make the features of the furniture a focal point rather than concealing them. When people instinctively understand how something works, they can concentrate on the task in hand instead.

Our design is carefully considered from the start, so that our furniture can have a long life with you or the next user. That’s why our furniture are prepared for updating, renewal and alteration in the future. A solution based on high quality, great flexibility and conscious choices is also automatically good for both people and our planet. Trends come and go, but style lasts. Ultimately, that’s what we do. We design furniture that creates lasting benefits. This is timeless and sustainable design in its purest form.

that lasts

The right layout and functional workflows

Our design philosophy includes more than just furniture. It means that we design the best total solution and layout for each unique project. Based on specific customer needs, we ensure that your interior design solution is not only visually attractive, but also makes your working day flow smoother. It is a matter of designing and efficiently placing different spaces in relation to each other and taking into account zones with different levels of focus. This creates the conditions for well-being, efficiency and productivity. An area that is optimised and tailored to the organisation, where people have the best conditions to perform their work tasks in the best possible way.

We have divided the physical environment into different types of activity spaces to facilitate and inspire how the environment can be designed to best support your activities. Discover the most common spaces for offices, schools and healthcare.

We have developed the analysis tools Next Office®, Next Education® and Next Care® to support you in the process of creating your new working environment. They collect valuable knowledge and data and thoroughly map out your needs and ways of working.


Different spaces that supports your day

Design that creates positive values

Vibe desktop screen – flexibility and good acoustics

Vibe’s patented bracket allows you to easily install and move desktop screens on most tabletops – without tools. It leaves no marks on the tables, while giving you greater flexibility. The design makes it possible to seamlessly switch between different types of activities, such as individual work and project work, in a quick and easy way. The Vibe family includes various sound-absorbing and sound dampening floor, wall, ceiling and desktop screens that offer endless opportunities for good ergonomics and a harmonious whole.

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Capella – follows the body’s natural movements

Capella is the result of 80 years of ergonomic thinking and collaboration with researchers and ergonomists. This is Kinnarps taking it one step closer to healthy office environments! The chair’s unique FreeMotion® mechanism generates constant micro-movements. The seat and back move independently of each other, and the seat can never be fully locked. This counteracts unhealthy static sitting and encourages active sitting.

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Fields – changeable design

The Fields modular range is based on a smart bracket that allows the user to reconfigure their space in many different ways. With the right choice of material, the bracket won’t leave any marks on the furniture, making this range a sustainable and flexible choice. The honest design of the patented bracket, which is as decorative as it’s functional, sends a clear message to the user that it’s possible to rearrange the furniture. The well thought-out detail with a gap between the furniture and the bracket contributes to unobstructed lines of sight and safe spaces.

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Xact – the office chair for students

Xact is the result of Kinnarps’ efforts to develop an ergonomic task chair for students. This is the chair where both height and seat depth are adjustable, giving each student the perfect ergonomic working position, regardless of size or age. The Freefloat™ mechanism allows the seat and back to move with the student, encouraging positive micro-movements and helping to maintain concentration. Adjustable furniture creates more inclusive spaces.

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Xpect flex – embracing design with integrated movement

With its embracing back Xpect gives the student a personal space, a sense of security and better possibilities to focus on learning. The flexing back allows micro-movements and makes it possible for the student to change their working position. This is a design that provides greater comfort and enables the student to concentrate for a longer period of time. It’s also easy to stack and suspend, which only adds to its flexibility.

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At Kinnarps, we work with sustainability all the way and in every detail. Our furniture is characterised by high quality, innovative design, low environmental impact and long life cycles. Delivering attractive interior design solutions that last a long time is nothing new. We have done that since the start. We do it to carefully protect the resources nature has given us.

People, interior and environment that last over time