Just because something is circular does not automatically mean that it is sustainable. At Kinnarps, we believe in sustainable circularity. It is important that we create interior design solutions and furniture that are suitable for use over a long period of time. It’s about making conscious choices, creating flexible solutions and choosing high quality. In this way, you can increase well-being and efficiency in the organisation while preserving nature’s resources and create conditions for a low life cycle cost.

Making a difference should be easy.



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Change begins
with understanding

1. Make conscious choices


Take your time and think things through in the beginning of your project. An interior solution that’s based on your actual needs will always be more beneficial for your everyday tasks, well-being and overall performance. By making conscious choices, you’re able to affect your organisation’s efficiency whilst at the same time preserving natures resources. Start by looking at your organisation’s vision and way of working, then map your needs. 

Your solution must be sustainable all the way; environmentally, economically, and ergonomically. We help you get there with our workplace analyses. That’s the best way to collect both knowledge and data when designing your future interior. A thorough groundwork and a solid foundation will determine your success, enabling you to a make a real difference for both people and the environment.

Change is the
only constant

2. Create flexible solutions


As strange as it may sound, flexibility is the key to stability. If you’re looking for a truly sustainable and circular solution, your furniture and interior must also be flexible, modular, and multifunctional. Your most pressing concerns right now are equally important to your future needs. Thus, you shouldn’t be forced to replace your furniture due to new needs, requirements, or rules. The ability to shift focus and adapt to new situations is key in an ever-changing world. 

In short, if the interior is flexible, it’s also suitable for different kinds of activities, ways of working and people. In the end, your ability to change and alter your interior solution revolves around flexibility. Sure, it might be a different path than you originally intended, but you’ll end up exactly where you need to be. We guarantee it.

Change is found
in the details

3. Choose high quality


To us, high quality is about paying attention to the smallest of details and creating durable products that are designed for frequent and long-term use. By preparing our products for repairs, washing, and upgrades, we’re able to increase an already long product lifespan. Furthermore, we’re using sustainable materials. When applying the right materials and colours in the correct way, our products can truly support the function of your space.

High quality is a thing that must be experienced first-hand. It can also be thoroughly controlled and improved along the way. You can rest assured that Kinnarps is both meeting and exceeding high industry standards; from materials, manufacturing, and certifications to transports, deliveries, and actual use. Put simply, high quality equals a good investment and a low life cycle cost.

A product made is a promise kept

Sustainability and circularity are the talk of the town these days, but we’ve been walking the walk since 1942. Obviously, we used different words back then, but our DNA hasn’t changed. We’re in this for the long run to deliver attractive high-quality furniture and solutions that last for generations. Consequently, we’ll continue creating functional and attractive interiors that enable people to thrive, feel better and reach their full potential. At the same time, we’ll always respect nature and its resources. The result consists of furniture that are easy to like, use, wash, reupholster, upgrade, and recycle. If you listen to our advice, you can be certain that your interior solution will be successful from day one and can evolve into the future. Kinnarps can make a real difference for you, your organisation, and the environment.

Services for a sustainable and circular future


Map and identify the needs in your environments with our workplace analyses for office, education and care.


Reusable transport packaging and full responsibility for assembly and implementation according to your drawing.


Whether you’re moving your furniture within your premises or relocating to a new address, we’re here to help.


Gain new knowledge on sustainable and successful work environments by our lectures and workshops.


Get an overview of your interior, establish its value and find out how it best can be maintained, updated, placed and used to function for your current and future needs. 


Shop both new and refurbished high quality furniture in Kinnarps Online Store. 


We can refurbish furniture at your place or in our specially equipped service truck.


Keeping your furniture clean is key for maintaining an attractive workplace. By washing furniture, you’re also prolonging the lifespan. 


Refurbishing, renovations and upgrades give new life to your furniture and prolong the overall lifespan. New colours and upgrades can put your existing furniture to new use. 


We help to recycle furniture that has reached its maximum lifespan, in an environmentally friendly way.


Services may vary on different markets. Contact you nearest sales office for more information.

Notice the

All products that have been updated, washed or renovated are marked with a special tag. The tag is attached to the furniture upon delivery and is also clearly visible in our Online Store.

At your service,
at your place

Kinnarps has a mobile workshop fitted inside of a custom-made service truck. It allows us to renovate, upgrade and refurbish your furniture directly at your location. Inside the truck, we give your furniture new life. It’s also good for the environment, as we reduce transports.