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Our family of brands offers a broad and varied range of products. Each brand has its own individual expression, and offers unique solutions for different tastes. All this is done to create comprehensive interior design solutions that focus on sustainability, function and design. We welcome our new products.


Kinnarps creates interior design solutions and furniture for offices, schools and care environments - we help you with everything from needs analysis to implementation. With a focus on high quality, ergonomics and innovative design since 1942. Read more



Siro is a meeting chair with a timeless design that is easy to place and simple to combine in different interior design solutions. It is ideal for different types of meeting places, meeting rooms or touch-down areas for shorter periods of work.The chair has a fully upholstered seat unit, integrated Nozag springs in the seat and a patented back. This provides extra comfort and allows you to sit comfortably for longer periods of time.

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A well-designed plant holder and room divider that makes it easy to create flexible, sustainable solutions and contributes to a healthy work environment. It provides inspiration, playfulness, and a vibrant indoor environment. A flexible and pleasant solution that grows into the office, where the same plant holder can be used in many different interior designs.

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Junior is a practical school desk that has been specially developed to provide practical storage close at hand for the student. Having school books and study materials at the student’s seat can minimise negative distractions, such as running and interruptions. This promotes quiet study areas and concentration in the classroom and supports learning.

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Coffee table in wood with an elegant look. It has well-designed wooden legs. Kalmia offers endless possibilities to match shape and materials with other interior design elements for a cohesive aesthetic look. An inviting coffee table that creates a spontaneous meeting space or a relaxed surface that adds a homely feel to the office.

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Tulio is a simple, yet well thought-out, visitor and meeting chair that’s easy to customise to different needs and spaces. Due to the flexibility of its design and function, it’s ideal for different types of meeting rooms and project spaces.

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Simple yet sturdy coffee table with tubular metal legs. Eminently suitable for different types of work or educational environments. Neat and easy to place, it works well as either a side table in corridors, a sideboard or a coffee table.

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A classic and stylish coffee table with a wooden top and well-designed metal legs. Its classical design makes it easy to combine with other interior design for a uniform look. Can be used for both short work meetings or social occasions, as a coffee table for coffee breaks, or a side table in shared areas of the office.

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Elevate is a functional, easy-to-place and durable table suitable for educational, office and care environments. The height can be easily adjusted with a gas spring that is controlled with a lever under the table. No power or charging is required, resulting in clean surfaces without annoying cables.

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Functional pillar table available in different heights, and with different tabletop sizes. Has a slightly smaller and slender foot, which means that it does not take up too much space. Suitable for different types of work or training environments.

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Materia develops and manufactures design furniture and interior furnishings for creative meeting areas and dynamics organisations. From the very beginning, they have refused to make compromises. Materia’s approach is characterized by innovative design with the user in the centre, this is how they think when they materialize ideas. Read more

MATERIA_Yarn_easy chair_green.jpg


Yarn comes from “The Kinship Method” experimental collaborative project. Based on the armchair, a sleek easy chair has been developed. Sustainability and environmental care are central to the design and choice of materials. In Materia’s production, the back’s beautiful pattern is braided by hand using hemp strings.

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Nomad table is available in different sizes and heights. Like nomads, these tables are designed for flexibility and movement. They are easy to move around and due to numerous material options, they offer many combination possibilities.

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Neo Lite Soft

Neo Lite Soft is a creative take on Neo Lite. As the name suggests, Neo Lite Soft provides softer seating. The fabric is sewn in a, for the product, specially designed quilted pattern that gives character and a unique expression.

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Cobble poufs are designed in organic shapes in different sizes. With their irregular silhouettes, they are well-suited to many environments and combinations, and their low weight makes them easy to move. The poufs have a rounded, inviting design, resembling cobbles, hence the name. 

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MATERIA_Neo_Lite_Soft_easy chair_white pig ash_brown.jpg

Neo Lite Soft

Neo Lite Soft is a creative take on Neo Lite. As the name suggests, Neo Lite Soft provides softer seating. The fabric is sewn in a, for the product, specially designed quilted pattern that gives character and a unique expression.

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Petite is a coffee table series of small, delicate, round tray tables. The table top is available in metal with a folded edge or in smooth veneered wood. The metal frame is mounted to the table top with a round brass fitting, adding a decorative detail.

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Skandiform draws its inspiration from Scandinavian design traditions, reflecting the beauty of nature's organic blueprint and multi-faceted colour palette. Read more



It’s always the centre of attention. Central isn’t only neat and tactful, but also stable and conspicuous, bridging the gap between a regular chair and a lounge chair. 

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Roll is a coat hanger on wheels, shaped like a tree with its stem, crown, and roots. It’s inspired by the kingly giants of the forest, but also by a king on an entirely different stage.

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Claesson Koivisto Rune, the acclaimed multidisciplinary agency from Sweden, has put its distinct mark on ALBA, a neat, upholstered chair, armchair, and bar stool characterised by simplicity, lightweight materials, and flexibility.

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NC Nordic Care is built upon the Scandinavian heritage of caring for human beings and the natural environment. Fundamental values of democracy, participation and responsibility are clearly reflected throughout the product offering. Read more

Rare 077 - fram med rygg sits.jpg


Rare armchair. Here our fundamental idea was to take care of the whole tree and show respect for the raw wood in a new empathetic way.

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Humlan 770.jpg


Humlan table with a soft and inviting design. The table is available in birch, oak, stained in white and black as standard or in any NCS color.

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AMULETT 731.jpg


Amulett is designed to work in environments with high demands on comfort, hygiene and security. The main focus of the design was to create soft armrest with a high tactile sensation.

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