Chairs and conference chairs for flexible meetings

Chairs and conference chairs for flexible meetings

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All our chairs are functional in design and are made from robust, durable materials that can cope with intensive use. Without compromising on comfort and ergonomics!

Ergonomic chairs for comfortable meetings

Given that we are spending ever more time in meetings, choosing an ergonomic conference chair for your meeting room is becoming increasingly important. You can adjust and customise our chairs to your own individual needs, so there will be no more aches and pains after a long meeting and you'll find it easier to stay alert. Kinnarps' conference chairs are extremely comfortable and encourage active sitting. If you're looking for a conference chair or meeting chair that you can adapt to your own individual requirements, you may also want to consider a fully equipped  office chair.

Design, comfort and function - in one chair

Kinnarps' conference chairs and meeting chairs have been designed to suit all kinds of environments. With their clean, simple lines, the chairs work well with all types of  meeting table and conference table. They do the job, without interfering with the design as a whole. A wide range of materials - from veneers to different laminates and lacquers - allows you to adapt the chairs to your environment. By upholstering the seat and back of our conference chairs in fabric or leather in one of our hundreds of colours, you can create an even more personal look.

Stackable chairs for flexible environments

If the chair is intended for use in environments that require a high degree of flexibility and where the number of users varies, e.g. a conference hall or dining area, stackable or linkable chairs are a good choice. That way, you can easily re-arrange the furniture and use as many chairs as you need at the time - and any chairs that are not used can be stacked and placed at the side. This type of stacking chair comes both with and without armrests.

For interior designs that don't need to be that flexible but that still need to be functional, we offer a wide range of attractive, refined variants of our sofas and easy chairs. This is seating that can both encourage rest periods and cater for impromptu meetings or phone calls.